How to Choose a Home Builder

New home construction framingMost people believe finding a good builder is the most difficult aspect of building a home, and that couldn’t be truer. A home is a huge investment, so you want to make sure that you only work with a trusted and qualified contractor.

As you may know, there are several Poway home builders nowadays, so you have no problem when it comes to supply. As you likely know, there are lots of home builders today, so there is no question about supply for sure. But since they are not all created equal, the real question is, who among them is the best for you? The only way to know the answer is by doing your due diligence and planning the project well in advance.

Listing Down Prospects

First and foremost, list down all contractors that are building homes in your location. Give your local home builders’ association a ring and ask for names and contact information.

Also take a look at some local real estate ads or talk to realtors who can surely make some recommendations. Or try asking people who may have worked with some good contractors before or have at least heard some great things about certain builders.

Relatives and friends, neighbors, colleagues – anybody who may be happy to help. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement because people are actually sharing a piece of their own lives. Of course, approach only those whom you trust will not mislead you.

Researching Backgrounds

After making a list of good candidates, you can start researching on the background of each one. One of the first things you’ll want to know is whether they have insurance. You sure need it for your protection, just in case someone gets injured on the job. Part of the requirements for builder licensing is insurance though, so most probably, this will not be a problem if you’re working with a licensed company.

Check out their websites and look at the houses they’ve built before. You’d like to make sure that they have built houses similar to the one you would like them to build for you.

Certainly, you’d like to ask for client references (at least three) so you can talk to them and listen to their stories about the builder. You should also ask the contractor about any ongoing or recently completed projects they may have so you can head over and take a look.

Value Analysis

Finally, do a cost-benefit analysis of the best home builders in Chula on your list. The least expensive company will likely not give you the best value. Look closely at the inclusions of the quote.
On top of that, examine the contract very carefully so there will be no unwelcome – and likely costly – surprises down the road.


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